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   Extremely secure
•  Fortress Linux is a security focused Linux operating system designed
   specifically to protect your data and computer systems against unwanted
   (physical) access, data interception, malware and other security threats.

   High performing
•  Fortress Linux is a high performing, stable, compact and energy-efficient
   operating system with extensive hardware and software support for almost
   any desktop, laptop, netbook, server and embedded system.

•  Fortress Linux can be applied in any user environment and is suitable
   for protecting the digital data, privacy and freedom of every home user,
   computer specialist and organization that handles sensitive information.

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Complete security solution     •  Extremely secure default installation
    •  Latest high-tech security software
    •  Short software update cycles
    •  Easy management and installation

Harddisk encryption and security     •  Secure, fast, stable and compact OS
    •  Full harddisk encryption
    •  System wiper / cleaner
    •  "Cold Boot Attack" protection

Removable device encryption and security     •  Encrypts many types of removable storage devices
    •  Use your Flash drive as an access key
    •  Live OS on a Flash drive
    •  Personal profile on a Flash drive

Internet and network encryption and security     •  Advanced security suite with intrusion detection
    •  Free Fortress Linux Network (VPN portal) with
       encrypted and anonymous Internet access for
       secure surfing, email, chat, phone calls, P2P
       downloads and more

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