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The Fortress Key (Pro and Elite)

A flexible and versatile security key
A Fortress Key is an encrypted flash drive for storing encryption keys, passwords, personal software and information. The Fortress Linux software can be installed on any USB stick, SD card, CF card, xD card and even on the internal memory of most mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras. It can be used as an access key, a flexible user profile and it can be equipped with the compact, fast and portable Small Fortress Linux operating system in case you want to create a secure "working space" on other (public) computers.

Harden than "Military Grade" encryption
The special encoding methods and security techniques of the Fortress Key software provides excellent protection against watermarking, side-channel, brute force and dictionary cracking activities with a security level that exceeds every "Military Grade" encryption. It also provides complete protection for the entire Fortress Linux operating system when it is used as an access key.

Local protection
If an user removes the Fortress Key from of a working system, the computer will switch into a total lockdown mode. Vital processes remain untouched while any other unused processes, partitions, hardware, system ports, and input devices will be disabled to prevent a local system attack. After the system has turned into this state, it will be impossible for malicious persons to gain local access to and modify files on a computer without a valid Fortress Key and the right software access keys.

The Fortress Key and Fortress Linux provides deniable encryption that allows users to convincingly deny the fact that the data is encrypted or, assuming that the data is obviously encrypted and users can convincingly deny that they are able to decrypt it.

But even when you are ever forced to give away your Fortress Key and its password in the most unfortunate situation, you will be able to use an alternative password to destroy all the data on the computer and the Fortress Key or you can enter another password that will boot an innocent-looking version of the Small Fortress Linux operating system without ever giving a malicious person access to your personal data.