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The Fortress Linux operating system

The secure fundament of your computer
The Fortress Linux operating system is the foundation of our total security solution and is the product of 15 years experience in securing high-profile servers, desktops and embedded devices for international companies.

Fortress Linux is designed for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) computers. Its kernel and the included software are fully customizable to your needs and can be automatically adjusted to your computer hardware during installation what results into a high performing, stable, compact and energy-efficient operating system.

By extensive research, 'thinking outside the box' and by only using the best and latest software available, we were able to create the complete security solution for anyone who wants to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data and sensitive information on a computer, a network and the Internet by combining Fortress Linux with our other security products and services:

•  Palatinux Security Management System - advanced security suite and system configuration tool
•  Fortress Key - personal access key, user profile and/or portable operating system
•  Fortress Linux Network - secure and encrypted Internet portal

Extensive software and hardware support
Fortress Linux has extensive hardware and software support for almost every desktop, laptop, netbook, server and embedded system. A detailed summary of other important properties and features that will be available in Fortress Linux:

Desktop, laptop, netbook and media centers
•  Gnome, XFCE, LXDE and Openbox desktop/window managers
•  Configuration wizards
•  Hardened version of the Firefox webbrowser
•  Open Office, Media Players, CD/DVD burning, Image manipulation, networking, development and much more software for everyday use
•  Support for all sound cards, video cards, game controllers, touch screens, remote controls, wireless devices etc.
•  Full support for Windows software

Server and embedded systems *
•  Web, mail, FTP and other common network and Internet services
•  Network file Systems: NFS, Ceph, CIFS, NCP, Code, AFS and more
•  Network options: IPv6, QoS, Fair queuing, Bridging, Netlink, Netfilter, advanced router, IPSEC, VLAN, DHCP, BOOTP, DNS, GRE, DECnet, IPX, Appletalk, LAPB, WAN, Phonet, CCITT, DSA, L2TP, ATM, DCCP, SCTP, RDS, ESP, AH and TIPC
•  Full virtualization (Virtual Machines), para-virtualization and virtual container support (Virtualbox, XEN, KVM, LXC)
•  Hardware Hot-Plugging Support
•  Kexec

Extensive hardware support *
•  16000+ kernel modules and kernel options
•  18000+ PCI, PCI-E, AGP, PCMCIA/CardBus, ISA and MCA devices, cards and motherboards
•  14000+ USB Devices

System security
•  Hardened operating system and tool chain
•  Grsecurity,PAX, SE-Linux PAM, stack smashing protection and extremely hardened building toolchain
•  Additional system security features are included in the Palatinux SMS

File and harddisk encryption
•  Default encryption software and methods exceed most 'Military grade encryption' and can be combined for extreme encryption levels.
•  Default encryption ciphers: AES (Rijndael), Serpert and Truecrypt
•  Pre-boot, single and multi-factor authorization
•  Deniable encryption, hidden containers and key strengthening
•  Watermarking, side-channel, brute force and dictionary cracking protection
•  Additional file and disk encryption features are included the Fortress Key

File system, RAID and LVM *
•  Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, XFS, Reiserfs, Btrfs, FUSE, FAT, NTFS, ISO, UDF, LOGFS, CRAMFS, Squashfs, ROMFS, GFS2, OCFS2, NILFS2, JFS and more
•  LVM, RAID and Quota

Software management and tuning
•  Included software packages are carefully audited and selected on security, quality, stability and functionality
•  Pre-compiled packages for fast and easy installations (available after the beta versions)
•  Source compiled software packages for maximum system security, performance and stability
•  Create your own pre-compiled packages that can be used for multiple computers installations
•  Package manager with dependency resolver
•  Fast installation of packages and updates without the need of extracting first
•  Download packages and updates by using a minimal amount of bandwidth
•  Package and update download resuming
•  SystemD system and service manager

GPU, Processor, memory and kernel support *
•  Fortress Linux System Wizard for creating a secure, small, fast (booting) and customized Fortress Linux kernel
•  Automatically adjusts system to processor type and hardware (this means 5 to 15% extra performance)
•  X86/Intel based 32 and 64 bit processors
•  Special support for Intel Atom, VIA, Winchip, Geode, Transmeta and Cyrix processors
•  Multi-processor (SMP) and NUMA systems up to 64 cores/processors
•  Graphic cards with one or more CPU's and Hybrid Graphic cards
•  150 supported processor flags and options
•  Up to 64GB high memory
•  Memory (page) compaction and merging
•  Special kernel patches for bfs, bfq i/o scheduler, aufs, reiser4, tuxonice, gc-linux, fbcondecor and many others

Power management, overclocking and hardware flashing support *
•  Extensive power management for minimal power consumption and for reducing system temperatures
(Hibernate, suspend, CPU throttling/scaling, PCI PM and Video card PM)
•  Hardware overclocking, voltage and current regulation
•  Hardware and overheating monitoring
•  Firmware flashing

Networking and I/O *
•  Bluetooth, WIFI, LAN 10/100/1GB/10GB, WiMAX, ISDN, IrDA, CAN, Radio, RxRPC, Plan 9, CAIF, Ceph and Infiniband
•  USB, LPT, serial, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), I2O, I2C and Sonics Silicone Backplane

Storage devices *
•  SATA, ATAPI, IDE, SCSI, ATA, MMC, SD, MTD and Macintosh

(*) Full kernel support included. All user-space programs will be available in the first beta version of Fortress Linux