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The Palatinux Security Management System (Pro and Elite)

Professional security, the easy way
The Palatinux security management software is an advanced application that simplifies installing, securing and managing the Fortress Linux operating system for (in)experienced users, system administrators and computer specialists.

The Palatinux software manages software packages and settings on the Fortress Linux operating system and it cooperates perfectly with the Fortress Key to protect your computer against persons who have physical access to your system.

The heart of a secured system
The Palatinux software works as a central organ that constantly checks and corrects the Fortress Linux operating system. Simply set it to the minimum, average or maximum security level or manually adjust it to suit your needs to protect your computer against hackers, crackers, sniffers, spoofers, exploits, rootkits, denial of service attacks, malware and many other threats.

Stronger and smarter
The Palatinux Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) automatically blocks malicious people and activities that try to perform suspicious actions on or towards your computer. Palatinux provides a thick wall of multiple security layers when a malicious person is not yet detected by the IDS, so it will be very unlikely that a bug or exploit in one application will lead into a total security breach before that person is detected and blocked by the Palatinux software.